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Chapter Outline for Ask the Foot Doctor
by Doug Tumen D.P.M.


Everyone has foot questions they’ve been putting aside or thought were too trivial to go see a foot doctor about. Dr. Tumen wants readers to have the chance to ask any questions they have and get clear and complete answers about their foot problems—just as if they were seeing him in his practice. He explains how this book is set up to give readers that opportunity.

Part 1 – Foot Fundamentals: Everyday Care and Prevention

Chapter 1 – Your Fantastic Foot

The foot is an engineering wonder with a complex structure. Dr. Tumen explains how the foot’s design allows it to absorb shock, stabilize us as we traverse terrain, and lift our body weight to the next step. Dr. Tumen also covers why regular care and maintenance of our feet are essential.

Chapter 2 – “One Shoe Can Change Your Life”—Cinderella

Sidewalks, malls, big box stores, schools, office buildings, factories, they all offer your foot an unyielding, unforgiving, and often painfully hard surface—concrete. The shoes we choose are all that comes between us and our concrete world. Dr. Tumen offers four essential tests for choosing good shoes, tips for fashionable shoe wearers, and an explanation of why orthotics may work for you.

Chapter 3 – Babies, Toddlers, and Kids: So Grows the Tree

When in doubt about your baby’s feet, see a specialist. There are conditions that are best treated early. Dr. Tumen gives answers to common questions about children’s feet and what to watch for, including growing pains, and why you should listen when your child complains about walking.

Chapter 4 – The Fashionable Foot

The foot has its power to attract, and throughout history people have been trying to enhance its charms. Dr. Tumen shares the dos and don’ts of pedicures, the low-down on high heels, and advice about tattoos and cosmetic foot surgery.

Chapter 5 – Fun and Games: Prevent, Prepare, and Play Like a Pro

Every level of athlete, from the committed to the weekend warrior, from the beginner to the expert, is vulnerable to foot problems. Dr. Tumen can help you prepare, warm up, and stretch like a pro. He also covers how to avoid ankle injuries, when to get an injured foot checked out, and how to avoid and treat blisters.

Chapter 6 – Seniors: Feet Don’t Fail Me Now

The shape of our feet, our toenails, the skin on our feet, the density of our bones, can dramatically alter as we enter our senior years. Dr. Tumen explains osteoporosis, loss of muscle strength, and arthritis in the feet, and gives the good news about many activities that can keep seniors moving and enjoying life’s pleasures. He also shares several senior success stories.

Part 2 – Your Foot and Ankle: Conditions, Causes, and Cures

 “Can I Ask You a Question?” A Guide to Part 2

Dr. Tumen discusses how to use the chapters in part 2 to learn about common foot problems. He also gives three reasons why you should see a podiatrist and shares tips for how to choose one.

Chapter 7 – Fungus Nails: There’s No Fun in Fungus

Anyone can get a fungus toenail. Fungus is always among us, awaiting opportunity. Dr. Tumen covers causes of foot fungus, home remedies, and what your podiatrist can do to rid you of this pesky toe invader.

Chapter 8 – The Ingrown Nail: Cutting Corners

Though an ingrown toenail may seem like a minor nuisance, any sufferer will tell you how painful and irritating it can be. Dr. Tumen reviews what causes ingrown nails, why you should avoid bathroom surgery, and what you can do to relieve the discomfort of inward turning nails. He also explains how a podiatrist can offer you a permanent resolution to this recurring problem.

Chapter 9 – Plantar Warts: Gone Viral?

Feet get their very own kind of wart—plantar warts. Dr. Tumen answers questions about how these warts spread, what they look like, when to worry about them, remedies to try at home, and what your podiatrist can do to rid you of these pesky viruses.

Chapter 10 – Bunions: Beyond the Bump

Bunions can become quite painful and make finding a comfortable shoe difficult. Dr. Tumen explains how bunions form and describes modern surgical techniques that can give patients excellent results—fully functioning pain-free feet.

Chapter 11 – Hammer Toes: Bent out of Shape

Toes that become bent at the knuckle and are no longer straight are called hammer toes. They are not just a cosmetic problem; they often interfere with foot function and become quite painful. Dr. Tumen reviews types of hammer toes, causes, and solutions. He also covers why corns often develop with hammer toes and how to treat them.

Chapter 12 – Morton’s Neuroma: You’ve Got Nerve

A Morton’s neuroma is a painful nerve in the ball of the foot. Dr. Tumen explains why this nerve can become irritated, how the condition is diagnosed, ways to relieve the pain, and when to consider surgical options.

Chapter 13 – Plantar Fasciitis: The Real Deal about Painful Heels

What is the most common painful foot condition? Plantar fasciitis. Over the last thirty years, plantar fasciitis seems to have risen to the status of epidemic or close to it. The good news is there are a multitude of treatments for this condition, and Dr. Tumen covers them all in detail.

Chapter 14 – The Achilles: A Hero of a Tendon

The Achilles is the thickest tendon in the body. It lifts our heel from the ground each time we take a step—that’s thousands of times a day—and can become overstressed. Dr. Tumen reviews symptoms and causes of Achilles tendonitis, home treatments, what the podiatrist can offer, surgical options, and other causes of pain in the Achilles.

Chapter 15 – Ankles: The Twists and Turns

Have you heard the old saying “A sprain can be worse than a break”? Well, it’s true and Dr. Tumen explains why. He also advises about home treatments, when to go to an Emergency Room, when to see a specialist, and what ankle rehabilitation entails. Other painful ankle conditions, such as different types of ankle tendonitis and tarsal tunnel syndrome, are also covered.

Chapter 16 – Broken Toes: Let’s Set Them Straight

Broken toes can and should be treated because ignoring them often leads to trouble in toe town. Dr. Tumen discusses why an untreated break can cause later problems, like arthritis, and what you can expect your doctor to do about a broken toe.

Chapter 17 – Arthritis: A Joint Effort

When arthritis strikes any of the thirty-three joints of the foot, it can put the brakes on your daily routine. Dr. Tumen offers careful explanations of types and causes of arthritis in the feet, including the big toe and ankle, and both conservative and surgical treatments.

Chapter 18 – Diabetes and Your Feet: Time to Team Up

Dr. Tumen examines the two types of diabetes and ways to avoid or treat Type 2. He also addresses how diabetes can affect the feet, how to avoid foot ulcers, tips for caring for the diabetic foot, and a story about how two patients took control of their diabetes.

Chapter 19 – Gout: A Royal Pain

People with gout experience “attacks,” in which a joint becomes very painful. Many people with gout end up at a podiatrist’s office because 50 percent of gout attacks are in the big toe joint. Dr. Tumen discusses what triggers gout attacks, how gout is diagnosed, and treatments. He also provides a list of foods to avoid if you suffer from gout.

Chapter 20 – Surgery: What You Need to Know

Surgery is a serious commitment. Dr. Tumen offers some tips for finding the right foot surgeon and getting the best result for your foot, including what questions to ask your surgeon and when to get a second opinion.

Conclusion – How to Become a VP—Virtual Patient

With Ask the Foot Doctor, Dr. Tumen is opening his virtual doors to you. You have a question, he and his team want to answer it for you. Need advice, they want to help. Want a referral to a qualified foot doctor, they can get you hooked up. Just send an email to question@askthefootdoctor.com.

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